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Postdoctoral Position, Wilen Lab.
A position is available for a postdoctoral fellow with an interest in studying how viruses interact with the immune system to cause disease. Specifically, we are interested in how norovirus (aka the “cruise ship” virus) establishes infection, interacts with the intestinal microbiome, and evades the immune system. We recently found norovirus infects a rare and exciting intestinal cell type called tuft cells and are focused on understanding the role of these unusual cells in immunity. This work involves the use of mouse models, tissue culture, genome-wide CRISPR screens, molecular biology, and immunology techniques.

Postgraduate Position, Wilen Lab.
We are looking for a highly motivated and organized individual with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the biological sciences with the ability to work well in a team. This position is great for individuals interested in working for two years prior to applying to graduate or medical school.

Rotation students, Wilen Lab
Numerous projects are available for rotating PhD students. Please email Craig to discuss projects.

Interested applicants should send a brief cover letter, a CV, and contact information for three references to Craig Wilen, Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology ([email protected]).